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Feelings like this

it's not uncommon

you too

At a bouldering manipulative clinic

a body without pain

Let's take it back!!


Bouldering manipulative clinic

Mr. Yamada


Thank you for your help yesterday.

It's ◯◯.


After the treatment, I had some discomfort for about an hour, but after that, I didn't have any particular pain or anything to worry about.


However, around noon today, when I raised my arm using the method you taught me yesterday,

The arm, which was clearly bent in a square until yesterday, is now straightening out! ! I'm so happy!


Little by little, I will continue so that my body will remember the original movement.


I went there the other day.
I've been wondering about it for a long time.


Judging from the results, I thought that if I went here, there would be no incurable injuries during climbing.


The pain in the joints of the middle fingers of both hands, which had been bothering me for over a year, and the pain in my left shoulder, which had been plaguing for three weeks, was relieved by about 50% after just under an hour of treatment.


If there are people who are giving up because they can't be cured, I want them to go there once! !


It was Mr. Yamada who took care of me when I bought my first climbing shoes at Calafate.


It has been a while.

This is ◯◯, which I used while on an expedition from Aichi.


It's been almost half a year since I've had time, but I haven't had any pain during that time, so I thought I'd let you know.


It still doesn't move smoothly, but I still feel a sense of discomfort, but I have recovered to the point where I don't even feel a sense of discomfort while climbing.


On that day and the next day, I couldn't climb at all anymore, but after that I gradually increased the intensity, but I didn't feel any pain.


I'm still working on the stretches you taught me, but I feel like I'm having a lot of weakness in my daily life.

I would like to see it again if there is an opportunity.

thank you very much!


Good evening! Thank you for yesterday. That's amazing.There is no pain even if I move the pose that hurt yesterday! I felt that my shoulders were a little heavy in the morning, but I was surprised when I did the stretches at night. Why (≧∇≦)


Also thank you. I will make a reservation soon (^ ^) Mt. Kisokomagatake, the weather is not good tomorrow, but I have come to Ina City, so let's go (^-^)/


It was Thursday night when that little scream came.
In order to check the tent in preparation for the weekend's mountain trip, the moment my partner lifted the desk in the living room to put it away, I got a strained back. . .

(Omitted...) However, I was worried, so my partner went to a chiropractor for treatment. It's not just an ordinary clinic.


The manager of the bouldering gym that I'm indebted to started at a hardcore clinic called "Bouldering Chiropractic Clinic" where climbers gather. If it's Kisokoma, it might be okay." I received advice from a super on-site perspective that would never be possible at a normal chiropractic clinic.


This store manager used to work at Calafate, and looks up to Mr. Jack Nakane as his master, so it's a great advice that will help you decide when to go hiking.

~From a bouldering chiropractic clinic~

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