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While receiving instruction via video call
"Treat your own body by yourself"

Improving on the spot + continuing on your own every day
I'm getting more and more self-sufficient

at homeon your smartphoneI can do it
For those who do not play sportsit's recommended

I am the director
sickness of my body
I am recovering with self treatment
you can do it too


​Online manipulative

​Treat your own body

Available from anywhere in the world

video call app
"Self-treatment to relieve discomfort by yourself"
Carefully demonstrating …

Please watch the demonstration one by one
``On your own'' ``On the spot''
you will be treated

Immediate improvement +  Continuous improvement
"Professional treatment" + "I can do it myself"

Maximize the best of both worlds 
That is "online manipulative"


Flow of using “Online Manipulative”

  1. calendarPlease check availability at

  2. reservation formofPlease send
    *Reservation form and calendar are at the bottom

  3. We will contact you by email within the next business day
    ・Schedule consultation
    Information on payment methods
    ・ Information on video calls

  4. Reply by email and decide the date and time

  5. Paymentplease in advance

  6. Start at the scheduled time on the day

  • You can take it at your home, at the park, at the gym, or wherever you like.

  • Please prepare a space where you can lie down and move your limbs

  • Yoga mats, tatami mats, futons, etc., where you can lie down comfortably are best.

  • Please place the device in a place where the whole body can be seen with the camera of the device used on the day, such as a smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.

  • It's even easier if you have a smartphone tripod etc.


​ Fee

  • 基本的にご来院の場合と同じです。

  • 男性の「通常プラン」は、女性と同じく6,500円になります。

  • ご予約時にご希望をお知らせください。


  • クレジットカードのみとなります。

  • 日程決定後、下のボタンからお支払いください。

  • 定額プランは、こちらからお支払いフォームをお送りします。

JCB/Dinersone-time payment

Sales  Hours
平   日      13:00 〜 22:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00 - 18:00


​To everyone from the director

Our hospital receives patients from all over the country and abroad. However, there are many voices saying that it is difficult to visit the hospital because it is far away. ​
  • I don't like being touched
  • I want to have a treatment, but it is difficult to go out
  • Back and neck pain from telework
  • Lack of exercise makes me sick
And so on.
I myself have a desire to help as many people as possible, and I have been frustrated.
That's why I started "Online Chiropractic".by phone or video call
  • Self-treatment method that you can do yourself
  • Correct handling of failures
  • Efforts essential in daily life
We have you practice on the spot and aim at improvement on the spot.
  • It's getting better that I didn't heal in my own style!
  • I can now deal with the places that often hurt!
  • If I hadn't consulted with you, I think I would have been in serious trouble by now.
  • The online treatment has clearly improved the performance!
  • Families are now able to care for each other!
 …I hear that.
There are causes for physical discomfort. You can't fix it if you don't find the cause. I've seen a lot of people who got worse by coping with their own style.
We provide the latest advice based on clinical data. With the proven and correct [self-treatment method], the road to improvement will be much shorter.
bouldering manipulative clinic
” Online manipulative ”
It's time to take care of yourself.
Let's make your daily life more fulfilling with [Self Treatment]!


Same day cancellationNo refund

Please note

  • There is no cancellation fee in case of poor physical condition.Please contact me.

  • We may refuse other reservations. Please refrain from canceling just before.

− Peace of mind money back guarantee −

We offer a money-back guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the treatment
If you can apply within 14 days after the treatment

We will refund the most recent treatment fee.

* In the case of continuous plan *
We will refund the amount of the most recent treatment.
You can cancel the billing for the next month onwards at any time.

Please check availability before making a reservation

within the next business day
I will reply by email

If you do not receive a reply, please call

When emails are bounced

Please specify the domain

External link
How to set domain specified reception

​When all else fails, something needs to change. My job is to help you with that. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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