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About treatment

​ At the bouldering manipulative clinic...
  • finger pain
    Pinching, finger tendonitis, finger arthritis, chronic pain in the finger, unable to bend the finger, unable to extend the finger, pain when bending the finger, pain when extending the finger, limited range of motion of the finger, pain when pressing the finger・It hurts when the finger is twisted ・It hurts when the finger hits the hold…etc.
  • ​arm pain
    Pain in the forearm (gradual pain in the arm, sudden pain in the arm, dull pain in the arm, pain when gripping the arm), pain in the upper arm (pain when bending the arm, pain when extending the arm), etc.
  • shoulder pain
    Rotator cuff injury, biceps brachii tendinitis, shoulder labrum injury, shoulder pain when raising the arm, shoulder pain when hanging, shoulder pain when putting the hand behind the back, etc.

  • elbow pain
    Golf elbow, tennis elbow, elbow pain when holding, elbow pain in a pinch, dead elbow pain, elbow pain when pushing, elbow pain when gripping an object, elbow pain, elbow pain, elbow pain, elbow pain …other

  • wrist pain
    TFCC injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain when touching your hand, wrist pain when pushing, wrist pain from a sloper, wrist pain from a fat pinch, etc.
  • knee pain
    Knees hurt when descending / Knees hurt when boarding / Knees hurt from kakikomi / Knees hurt from heel hooks / Knees hurt from kicking / Knees hurt when crouching... etc
  • hip pain
    Hip joint hurts from boarding ・Hip joint hurts from kakikomi ・Hip joint hurts from heel hook ・Hip joint hurts from Kyon ・Hip joint hurts when cross-legged
  • Acute injury:Tight muscles, sleeping on the wrong side, strained back, strained back, calf pain, sole pain
  • After a major injury (fracture, dislocation, ligament injury, etc.):Maintenance during recovery/maintenance for recovery
  • After surgery:Maintenance during recovery/maintenance for recovery
  • various chronic pain
  • Improving skeletal balance
  • Lower back pain:Chronic low back pain, strained back, etc.
  • Whole body stiffness and whole bodyChronic fatigue, dullness, stiffness, firmness
  • Preventive maintenance
  • maintenance for better performance
  • Range of motion UP / Flexibility UP
… ​ and other symptoms
In addition to climber-specific breakdowns, you can also consult with us about general pain and discomfort.

Q1. Where does your pain come from?

finger? shoulder? Waist? knees? …No

pain comes from the brain


Q2. Where does your body distortion come from?

pelvis? Leg length difference? shoulder? … No


Distortion comes from the "head"

Don't you knead?!

Massage your lower back for lower back pain?

Pelvic correction if the pelvis is distorted?

…That was the norm.

You may have experienced it too.

…It doesn’t get better even if I pass.Distortion returns...

There is a reality that there are many such people

“Pain” “Recovery” “Movement”

"brain" instructions 

Example) The brain produces pain in the shoulder → The shoulder becomes painful

Example) The brain continues to contract the shoulder muscles → stiff shoulders

 "Why does the brain produce pain?"you should think of

Even if "distortion" is partially corrected, it will return immediately.

Instability of the brain (head) position causes problems with movement and cognition, so the brain prioritizes head position and stability.

As a result, other skeletal balances are postponed. Due to the distortion of the neck, the whole body is distorted.

The neck supports the "brain = head"

At the bouldering manipulative clinic

Any symptoms or illness

First prepare the neck (cervical vertebrae)
correct the position of the head


At the bouldering manipulative clinicUpper cervical spine manipulative method to change the body from the "brain"use


Body pain and discomfort

messages from the body


listen to the message

Work from muscle to brain

  • Aligning the neck (cervical vertebrae) will increase the body's "improvement power"

  • By adjusting the neck (cervical vertebrae), the "whole body distortion" will be adjusted.

  • Aligning the neck (cervical vertebrae) improves coordination

→ Pain relief speed

→ Fundamental improvement

Climbing performance!


Those with painful fingers have problems with their arms, neck, shoulders, and back.

"Distortion" of the body delays recovery

If it is chronic, the cause is also mental

Which one makes sense?  

conventional holistic method

with a strong stimulus"forced" correction


  • Is it getting worse?muscles rebound

  • Is it just painful?Practices that defy nature

  • temporary effectrebound

  • superficial effectsnot radical

holistic law of the future





  • A natural change in which the muscles loosen themselves

  • Reasonable treatment without pain

  • Long-lasting effects through fundamental changes

  • Overall health including metabolism and skeleton 

Bouldering manipulative clinic

treatment of


Don't "gorigori bakibaki"

Unreasonable movement strains muscles

Do not perform “painful movements/treatments”

Pain → Tension aggravates symptoms


It's not just about "feeling good"

Focus on results, not just feel good


Focus on the “heart”

Even if stress is the cause


A “safe” procedure

It doesn't hurt, so there's no rubbing


Treatment while “clothed”

No need to change clothes

what to do in a session

… 4 steps


1 Counseling


・Check your physical condition

・Investigate areas other than the affected area to find the cause

・ General climbing consultation is also OK


2 treatment


i Adjustment of the neck (cervical spine)

・Bone balance adjustment

・Approach to autonomic nerves

ii Surgery on painful/damaged areas

・Approach to tense muscles

・Promote fundamental improvement

3 Proposal of countermeasures

・Suggest daily countermeasures and improvement steps

・ I will also tell you about self-care


4 Summary/Schedule


・Consult about future treatment plans

・Continue at intervals of several days to 2 weeks ・From the root

- Feeling in good physical condition

・For a virtuous cycle of conditions 

・ To a state that can be maintained with regular maintenance


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​When all else fails, something needs to change. My job is to help you with that. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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