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〜 2024年度の募集は終了いたしました 〜

lower back pain

Low back pain​・lower back pain・leg numbness

My back suddenly hurt.


Pain wakes me up at night. Sleeping on my back is hard. I get numbness in my legs. My back hurts from doing the steep incline task... There are various types of back pain.


There are various causes of back pain, but in most cases, poor blood circulation and lack of oxygen due to muscle stiffness are the direct causes of pain. When it gets worse, they cause inflammation around the joint and limit the range of motion. Continued muscle stiffness puts pressure on nerves, causing painful neuralgia.

To improve back pain, it is important to adjust the distortion of the skeleton from the cervical spine (neck) to the sacrum, and to eliminate stiffness around the pelvis, muscles of the buttocks and thighs. These approaches change neuropathic pain and muscle pain.

In addition, it is essential to adjust the balance of the whole body and eliminate the imbalance of the autonomic nervous system to create a body that is less likely to recur.

I want to heal while climbing!


Any climber thinks so. It's hard to keep doing sports and getting better. However, at the Bouldering Manipulative Clinic, under certain conditions,

  • Severe chronic pain: About once a week

  • Mild chronic pain: about twice a month

  • Prevention of recurrence after improvement: About once or twice a month

  • (Injury Pakiri: basically difficult to heal while climbing)

On the premise of going to the hospital for …, we also propose a “plan to improve while climbing” (*How to proceed will differ depending on the patient’s physical characteristics and symptoms).

There is no "magic" in improvement


There is no "magic" in improvement. This is because chronic pain, in particular, is a failure caused by lifestyle habits. If you go to the hospital once or twice a month, it is difficult to "improve while climbing" (*Depending on how you approach it, it may be possible).


A half-hearted response

Even if it gets better to some extent, it doesn't last

A half-hearted response will not last even if it improves to some extent. As soon as I stop going to the hospital, I will return and my efforts will be wasted. In order to get stronger and enjoy climbing, sometimes you need to make an effort that is different from usual. Let's work together and make time for each other.

​ To improve while climbing

Strong self-care habits are essential

A thorough self-care habit is essential for improvement while climbing. A body that has become easier to improve through treatment,maintained until next visitBecause there is a need.Continuing proper self-care every day is a premiseis.

At the Bouldering Chiropractic Clinic, we will tell you about self-care methods that you can do every day while proposing a plan that suits you.


① Treatment

② Appropriate self-care method

(3) Guidance on activities that can be done on a daily basis

with these three

``Recovery without relapse''













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