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​private lesson

How to climb without getting tired

How to climb without damaging your body

Top Rope, Lead, Sotoiwa

The mission of the Bouldering Manipulative Clinic is
​ "Support for enjoying long and safe climbing"
In addition to improving and preventing failures
We also offer lessons to improve your skills.
How to climb safely
"Climbing on your back" Climbing without failure
Points that even veterans forget
Many people's inner muscles are "bedridden". You use only the outer muscles, and the inner muscles are not "not trained", but "not used". Before you can train your inner muscles, you need to practice moving them.
And when this "bedridden" inner muscle is suddenly overloaded, it causes a sharp pain, and you can't raise your arm or pull it.
Skillful climbers with few injuries, high endurance, and tenacious climbers have different scapula movements. "Climb on your back" instead of your arms. This alone will change the grade.

In the lesson "How to climb without hurting your shoulders, climb on your back"

 → Inner muscles become able to move
→ Inner muscles become stronger
→ Improved balance between inner and outer muscles
→ Be able to support the body with the whole shoulder
→ Fewer shoulder injuries
  • The burden of the arms is shared with the back
    Reduces finger, elbow and wrist injuries
  • You can save your physical strength and increase your endurance
  • Extends "reach" as it moves with the shoulder
  • It will be held at T-wall Edogawabashi
  • Top rope or boulder
top rope
Learning the basics of climbing repeatedly
Also for solidifying the foundation of "Alpine"
Not only for lead climbing at rocky areas and gyms, but also for rocky ridges, snow ridges, and alpine routes"Fundamentals of Climbing"is of paramount importance.
Three-point support, static load, static movement, staying away from walls, not climbing with your arms, watching your feet, etc.
However, in reality, when it comes to "what should I do next step, what should I do next...", there are too many case-by-case situations, and people panic.
Unfortunately,〈Basic formula of climbing movement〉The reality is that there are almost no people, including professionals, who can teach you.
this<Basic formula of climbing motion>By practicing repeatedly, you will be able to climb most routes in the low 5.10 range. And you will be able to climb routes in the late 5.10s or higher with less power.
If you can reliably climb the first half of 5.10 with the top rope, you can easily climb the classic alpine route with the follow. And the next step, "Lead", is also visible.
<Basic formula of climbing motion>Wearing it will also be "failure prevention". It is a recommended content to enjoy climbing and mountaineering safely for a long time.

In the "top rope" lesson

→ Seniors are doing it unconsciously
<Basic formula of climbing motion>to know
→ Repeated practice of the correct <basic formula of climbing motion>
→ You will be able to do the "correct movement" naturally
Also, as a result,
  • "Arm burden" is distributed
    Reduces finger, elbow and wrist injuries
  • "Strength" can be saved
    Increases "endurance"
  • Be able to make "big movements"
    Extends “reach”
  • ベースキャンプ江戸川橋で行います
  • トップロープまたはボルダーで行います
Private lesson from ¥5,000 per person
  • place
Private lesson・details
T-wall Edogawabashi Click here for access
  • lesson fee
no matter how many people
  • ¥6,000/hour + ¥2,000(Instructor gym usage fee, transportation expenses, etc.)

◯ Example) In the case of 2 hours for 1 person...
¥6,000 x 2 hours + ¥2,000 = ¥14,000

◯ If there are 2 or more people, the price can be divided by head.
Example) 3 people for 3 hours...
¥6,000 x 3 hours + ¥2,000 = ¥20,000 / 4 people
= ¥5,000 per person
  • lesson time
  • 1 person: 2 hours (in 30 minute increments) can be set freely
  • 2 to 4 people: 3 hours or more (in 30 minute increments) can be set freely
  • ​ Date and time
◯ Thursday and Friday: 14:00-17:00 (10:00-20:00 on holidays)
◯ Saturday and Sunday: 17:00-20:00

  • Held only on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
  • We will adjust the schedule within the above time period.
  • ​Please use the form below to contact us regarding your desired date and time.
​Sotoiwa course
Climb "​real rock"
mainly on the top rope
Acquire the "sense of climbing a rock"
Bouldering, which is often started indoors, also originated from natural rocks.
If you've just started climbing, please try the "real rock climbing experience".

  • For longed-for rocky ridges, snowy ridges, and alpine routes
  • I want to experience what "Sotoiwa" is like
  • I want to learn the actual rope work

・・・ We will respond to various requests
Please contact us directly for details

It is also recommended to change your mood and go to the easy outer rock route during the rehabilitation period of the injury. It is a recommended content to enjoy climbing and mountaineering safely for a long time.
  • It will be held at a rocky place near Tokyo
  • It is basically done with the top rope
  • ​The location and content (boulder, top rope, lead, etc.) can be arranged upon consultation.
  • ​Mountain insurance is required to participate (some items are non-refundable, please contact us)
  • Course fee
no matter how many people
  • ¥30,000/day + expenses(Guide transportation expenses, etc.)

◯ If there are 2 or more people, the price can be divided by head.
…Amount obtained by dividing the total amount by the number of participants = Payment amount per person
  • ​Holding date etc.
Held only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (including holidays)
  • After contacting us, we will adjust the schedule
  • ​ Please use the inquiry form to discuss the schedule and content.
We apologize for any display issues (you may be able to tap the date or check it on your PC). If you have any questions, please contact us using the inquiry form below.
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