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Naoyuki Matsubara HP

Naoyuki Matsubara

(Masayuki Matsubara)



March 1965 Born in Tokyo


Japan Mountain Guide Association Certified Mountain Guide (Mountain Guide Stage II)

Mizuno Corporation Outdoor Advisory Staff

Hosei University Mountain Club OB, Former Director

main activity

・K2 summit

・First ascent of Makalu East Ridge

・Arriving at the South Pole on foot

・Crossing Greenland on foot

・Winter Kurobe crossing (Kashimayari - Jujikyo - Mt. Tsurugi)

・24-day Hidaka swamp tour, etc.


Over 30 years of extensive mountaineering experience both in Japan and overseas

In recent years, while working as a mountain guide, he is also developing multi-pitch routes such as Tachiokayama Left Rock Ridge and Takamiiwa Minami Ridge.

Recently, I often go out to the High Sierra (Sierra Nevada Mountains in the United States) and the rocky areas of Miyazaki.


Highest grade 5.13a, 2 steps

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