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Our hospital's response to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

There are various movements due to the new coronavirus

Continuing medical treatment based on countermeasures

"Online manipulative treatment" that does not require hospital visits

also available


Choose the method that works best for you

Manipulative clinics deal with medical care and health

“To ensure a stable life for the people

Things that require business continuity

as indicated by government guidelines


It does not apply to unnecessary and non-urgent acts

We are taking all possible precautions

Please use with confidence


The best way to stay healthy without going out

"Online Comprehensive"

It's already been well received

Please use all means






For Safe Medical Treatment

Traditionally, we have dealt with


  • Reservations are required, and an unspecified number of people are not allowed to enter and exit.

  • Patients should be examined one by one, and patients should not come into contact with each other in the waiting room.

  • Since it is known that the virus is almost inactivated in a few hours to two days, it is necessary to reduce the number of days for medical examinations to prevent the spread of the virus.

In addition, we also support the following


  • Outside air introduction/forced ventilation with constant ventilation fan

  • Prevention of air retention by circulator

  • Always wear a surgical mask

  • Wearing medical rubber gloves

  • Ethyl alcohol disinfection of practitioner's fingers ➔ For each patient

  • Ethyl alcohol disinfection of the operator's fingers for each treatment area ➔ As needed

  • Disinfection of treatment tables (beds) ➔ after each patient

Also, regarding the patient

We are cooperating with the following matters


  • If you have symptoms such as fever and cough, please refrain from coming to the hospital.

  • Please cooperate with the ethyl alcohol disinfection of your fingers at the entrance of the chiropractic clinic.


In the case of cancellation due to poor physical condition, change in circumstances, etc.

No cancellation fee


We are flexible with schedule changes.

Feel free to contact us


That's all

If you have any questions or concerns,

Feel free to contact us

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.Thank you

Bouldering Manipulative Clinic Director Takashi Yamada

​When all else fails, something needs to change. My job is to help you with that. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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