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Climber/Bouldering/Mountaineering/Breakdown/Injury Detailed Explanation

​A bouldering manipulative clinic provides optimal treatments for various climbing injuries and individual advice for self-care

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my knee hurts
hip pain

ボルダリングの整体院 | 東京・目白 | クライミング | 日本初のクライマー専門整体院 | 腱鞘炎|パキる|首が痛い|指が痛い|肘が痛い|肩が痛い|手首が痛い|腰が痛い

Knee pain, hip pain, unable to squat, pain when getting in, pain from scratching, pain with heels

In recent years, the height of gym walls has increased, and the number of people who have injured their knees, hip joints, and lower back by repeatedly landing from high positions is increasing.


In addition, the number of people who injure their knees, the area around the hip joints, the back of the thighs, the back of the knees, etc. due to deep riding, heel hooks, strong kakikomi movements, and unreasonable jolts is increasing.

In mountaineering, if you do hard steps such as long descents while your muscles are stiff, they will hurt. If you walk without using your toes, hip joints, upper body movements, etc., the impact on your knees will increase.


Therefore, there are many cases where the knees are bad due to the habit of walking. Once inflammation occurs, pain occurs, and if the knee is overworked as it is, it will become chronic.


Then, a little self-care will stop the pain. I am in chronic pain.

around the hip joint

There are many inner muscles

Connects lower body and upper body

There are many inner muscles around the hip joint, which connect the lower body and the upper body. There are many cases where these muscles are damaged due to repeated unreasonable movements, and fatigue accumulates in joints, tendons and ligaments, causing inflammation and pain.

at the root of the failure

I have inner muscle stiffness

In addition, the root of such failures is inner muscle stiffness. Pain occurs when the inner muscles around the hip joints and lower back become stiff and sudden large movements occur.


In addition, the stiffness and poor movement of the inner muscles affect the balance and dullness of the movement of the whole body. They often cause upper body malfunction, such as fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

In addition to the above causes, most knee pain is related to stiffening of the femoral (thigh) muscles. In addition, the plantar fascia and calf stiffness also play a role, causing pain in the knee.

Knee meniscus and ligament damage

Support (including after surgery)

The above is basically included in the treatment of those who have injured the meniscus of the knee or ligaments (including after surgery), but it may be difficult to aim for a complete recovery. In that case, we will proceed with care in the direction of alleviating symptoms.


Through muscle balance, muscle conditioning, fascia release, etc. of the muscle group related to the knee, pain can be reduced or the range of pain can be reduced.


At the Bouldering Chiropractic Clinic, we also approach pain around the knee and hip joints by adjusting the muscle balance of the cervical spine to the pelvis and releasing the muscles and fascia around the knee and hip joints.

People who have pain around their knees and hips often have problems with their lower back, pelvis, and neck. Therefore, it is not good to deal with it partially. We approach the part that is the root cause of pain and support from the part that causes muscle stiffness.

I want to heal while climbing!


Any climber thinks so. It's hard to keep doing sports and getting better. However, at the Bouldering Manipulative Clinic, under certain conditions,

  • Severe chronic pain: About once a week

  • Mild chronic pain: about twice a month

  • Prevention of recurrence after improvement: About once or twice a month

  • In case of injury: Basically, a certain period of rest is required

On the premise of going to the hospital for …, we also propose a “plan to improve while climbing” (*Procedure varies depending on the patient’s physical characteristics and symptoms).

There is no "magic" in improvement


There is no "magic" in improvement. This is because chronic pain, in particular, is a failure caused by lifestyle habits. It is difficult to “improve while climbing” if you go to the hospital once or twice a month (*it may be possible depending on how you approach it).


A half-hearted response

Even if it gets better to some extent, it doesn't last

A half-hearted response will not last even if it improves to some extent. As soon as I stop going to the hospital, I will return and my efforts will be wasted. In order to get stronger and enjoy climbing, sometimes you need to make an effort that is different from usual. Let's work together and make time for each other.

​ To improve while climbing

Strong self-care habits are essential

A thorough self-care habit is essential for improvement while climbing. A body that has become easier to improve through treatment,maintained until next visitBecause there is a need.Continuing proper self-care every day is a premiseis.

At the Bouldering Chiropractic Clinic, we will tell you about self-care methods that you can do every day while proposing a plan that suits you.


① Treatment

② Appropriate self-care method

(3) Guidance on activities that can be done on a daily basis

with these three

``Recovery without relapse''


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Proposing an improvement plan for you

We will also teach you how to self-care

  1. treatment

  2. self care for you

  3. Guidance on daily activities

These three support "recovery without recurrence"


Bouldering manipulative clinic

It's not just a manipulative clinic for climbers

"Counseling office for improving performance"

There is also

Based on the vast amount of data

"The most efficient way to recover"

think with you


Please feel free to contact us without worrying alone!

ボルダリングの整体院 | 東京・目白 | クライミング | 日本初のクライマー専門整体院 | 腱鞘炎|パキる|首が痛い|指が痛い|肘が痛い|肩が痛い|手首が痛い|腰が痛い

​When all else fails, something needs to change. My job is to help you with that. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

ボルダリングの整体院 | 東京・目白 | クライミング | 日本初のクライマー専門整体院 | 腱鞘炎|パキる|首が痛い|指が痛い|肘が痛い|肩が痛い|手首が痛い|腰が痛い
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