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​ What you can do at the Climber's Bodywork Institute Body care summary for climbers


What you can do at a

Climber's Bodywork Institute

A lot of climbers come to the bouldering chiropractic clinic every day. So far, we have supported thousands of people, including Japanese national team players.

Climbing/bouldering “injury”

Do you know the real reason?

Caused by climbing too much. Thats easy to say. But is that the real reason? Even if you climb too much, if nothing happens to your body, it shouldnt hurt.


For example, when a finger hurts. What do you think happens inside your finger? For example, when you climb too high. What do you think happens to your body?

With a body that hurts from climbing too much

whats going on?

Whats going on in the body that hurts from climbing too much That is the real cause. Once you know the cause, you can treat it properly.

But what if you don't know the real cause

…cannot be handled properly

…I don't know what to do if the cause is unknown

The resulting words

Why don't you stop playing sports like that?

It's a loveless word

For those who do not know the real cause of the failure

Other than quit climbing

I don't know how to fix the climber's breakdown

I have thousands of climbers

there is data

I have seen thousands of climbers. I myself am still climbing and continuing my research. There are patterns in failures, injuries, injuries, and malfunctions that occur in climbing and bouldering. In many cases, you can understand the cause just by listening to the story.

If you know the cause you know what to do
with the same symptoms as you
Many people are in trouble

We support a lot of people who have suffered from the same injuries and breakdowns as you. I know many climbers who have overcome the same injuries and breakdowns as you.

Here, we will pick up and explain the breakdowns and injuries of typical climbers. youIf there is something that applies to your worries, please take a look.

Climber's breakdown is often special, and it is often not understood in general medical facilities. A lot of climbers who have such a painful experience come to the bouldering manipulative clinic.

i have the same problem as you

I have experienced painful feelings

…I myself have the same worries as you, and have had a painful experience.Before starting this job, my finger got so bad that it interfered with my daily life, and I was told this at the hospital.


What if you quit that sport?

(...I came here because I didn't want to quit.)

rest and you'll be fine

  (…I am fully aware of that)

please rest in peace

(…I want to hear how to heal faster)


(…I know that much!)

I'll take out a wet cloth

(...I came here because I can't heal with that kind of thing.)

…I couldn't believe it.


A really strong climber should be healthy. Does the world's best climber have the most sore fingers in the world? (It can't be). Is there a climber who became the best in the world with a sore finger? I thought so.


And so I started researching. Then, I found the right care and climbing method, put it on and continued, and the injury was completely healed. That's why I can continue to study body care for climbers every day while continuing to climb.


Please do not give up!


please remember

it didn't hurt anywhere

Back when I started climbing...
That time when there was no pain is normal!

If you keep your body healthy, acquire the right knowledge, and take proper care, you can continue to enjoy climbing.

The bouldering chiropractic clinic is not just a chiropractic clinic. Counseling office for improving performance There is also.

Based on past data, The Most Efficient Way to Recover. I'm telling you.


Please do not worry alone

ボルダリングの整体院 | 東京・目白 | クライミング | 日本初のクライマー専門整体院 | 腱鞘炎|パキる|首が痛い|指が痛い|肘が痛い|肩が痛い|手首が痛い|腰が痛い

​When all else fails, something needs to change. My job is to help you with that. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

ボルダリングの整体院 | 東京・目白 | クライミング | 日本初のクライマー専門整体院 | 腱鞘炎|パキる|首が痛い|指が痛い|肘が痛い|肩が痛い|手首が痛い|腰が痛い
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