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Climber/Bouldering/Mountaineering/Breakdown/Injury Detailed Explanation

​A bouldering manipulative clinic provides optimal treatment for various climbing injuries and individual advice for self-care

my wrist hurts
TFCC damage


my wrist hurts

・・・TFCC injury ・Wrist cartilage damage ・Wrist tendonitis ・Sprained wrist

Many people immediately suspect a TFCC injury when they hear that their wrist hurts, but it is surprisingly rare that it really is a TFCC injury.

However, in the case of "severe wrist pain," which is so severe that it interferes with daily activities, we recommend that you first go to a hospital (orthopedics) for diagnostic imaging (X-ray, echo, MRI, etc.). If you come to our clinic with the results, we will be able to perform more appropriate treatments.

In any case, it is necessary to first approach the muscles that cause pain and adjust the muscle balance to prevent recurrence.

Most wrist pain is

  • Forearm/palm/muscle balance deterioration

  • Nerve compression from repetitive movements

  • Inflammation of tendons, joints, etc. due to muscle stiffness

  • Damage to tendons, ligaments, or cartilage

It is known to be caused by

Therefore, we will approach both muscles and nerves.moreover,The deterioration of the muscle balance of the forearm and palm is not only a problem of the condition of the muscles of the forearm and palm.


In many cases, stiffness in the muscles around the neck and shoulder blades, as well as tension in the back muscles, causes tension in the muscles of the forearms and palms.


From such a point of view, it is necessary to adjust the muscles of the forearm, the muscles of the palm, and the balance of the whole body.

Just fixing it and waiting for recovery

it's the worst way

On the other hand, in the case of "injury = injury" such as TFCC injury, immobilization for a certain period of time (several months) is required. But the worst thing you can do is just sit there and wait for it to heal.


Injured tissue becomes stiff and inflexible as it prepares for healing. This condition is necessary for tissue repair, but if left untreated, the circulation of body fluids in the surrounding tissue deteriorates, and the entire wrist area becomes rigid.


As a result, even after the injury heals,

  • poor circulation

  • inflexible state

  • hard to get rid of fatigue

becomes,Even after climbing resumes,

  • Susceptible to finger and wrist injuries

  • Inflammation and chronic pain that accompanies it

Even if the injury heals, you will be forced to continue climbing with secondary discomfort.

When the injury heals

You want to climb as hard as you can, right?


like thatIn order not to invite a "vicious circle", even while fixingIt is essential to constantly condition the wrist area.. Also, in order to maintain the condition of the muscles around the wrist, it is important to care for the muscles of the entire upper body.


This is because the muscles around the wrist are fascially connected to the muscles around the chest and shoulder blades. In addition, it is also important to increase the resilience and natural healing power of the whole body by removing the distortion of the cervical vertebrae and spine.

If you don't do muscle care just by fixing it

you will regret it after you return

If you just fix your wrist and don't take care of it, you'll have a big regret after returning to climbing. There are quite a lot of people who deal with it only by fixing it at the hospital, but later suffer from chronic pain and come to the hospital.

Appropriate muscle care is essential after image diagnosis at the hospital and fixation with fixtures. climbingBy taking care before returning to work, recurrence and chronic pain can be prevented, and performance after recovery can actually

I want to heal while climbing!


Any climber thinks so. It's hard to keep doing sports and getting better. However, at the Bouldering Manipulative Clinic, under certain conditions,

  • Severe chronic pain: About once a week

  • Mild chronic pain: about twice a month

  • Prevention of recurrence after improvement: About once or twice a month

  • Injuries: basically difficult to heal while climbing

On the premise of going to the hospital for …, we also propose a “plan to improve while climbing” (*How to proceed will differ depending on the patient’s physical characteristics and symptoms).

There is no "magic" in improvement


There is no "magic" in improvement. This is because chronic pain, in particular, is a failure caused by lifestyle habits. If you go to the hospital once or twice a month, it is difficult to "improve while climbing" (*Depending on how you approach it, it may be possible).


A half-hearted response

Even if it gets better to some extent, it doesn't last

A half-hearted response will not last even if it improves to some extent. As soon as I stop going to the hospital, I will return and my efforts will be wasted. In order to get stronger and enjoy climbing, sometimes you need to make an effort that is different from usual. Let's work together and make time for each other.

​ To improve while climbing

Strong self-care habits are essential

A thorough self-care habit is essential for improvement while climbing. A body that has become easier to improve through treatment,maintained until next visitBecause there is a need.Continuing proper self-care every day is a premiseis.

At the Bouldering Chiropractic Clinic, we will tell you about self-care methods that you can do every day while proposing a plan that suits you.


① Treatment

② Appropriate self-care method

(3) Guidance on activities that can be done on a daily basis

…in these three

"Recovery without recurrence"Support!

Please also see the video explanation
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Proposing an improvement plan for you

We will also teach you how to self-care

  1. treatment

  2. self care for you

  3. Guidance on daily activities

These three support "recovery without recurrence"


Bouldering manipulative clinic

It's not just a manipulative clinic for climbers

"Counseling office for improving performance"

There is also

Based on the vast amount of data

"The most efficient way to recover"

think with you


Please feel free to contact us without worrying alone!

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​When all else fails, something needs to change. My job is to help you with that. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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