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​ ``Bouldering chiropractic clinic ​'' is a small shop that has just opened. I have only sold one book so far. From now on, I would like to introduce original goods and things that are useful for various climbers.
We accept credit cards and bank transfers for payment. We are doing our best to ship as soon as possible, but you may have to wait a little because it is work between medical treatments.

[Notice of out of stock]

Thanks to you, the first edition of "The Secret to Getting Out of Climbing Disorders" has been sold out. Thank you very much. The reprints are scheduled to be completed after September, but shipments are currently suspended. We apologize to those who wish to order, but please wait for a while.

Thank you very much for your continued support of the "good shop" ​.
Bouldering Manipulative Clinic Book Part 1
"The Secret to Getting Out of a Climbing Injury"
​ So far, I have witnessed thousands of climbers' trouble improvement and conditioning. I've put together the ′′ mindset of body care ′′ that I found out in one book.

This book summarizes the latest information on "self-care" for climbers based on the clinical experience of Japan's only climber specialty clinic "Bouldering Chiropractic Clinic". From a new perspective of "relaxing" the muscles, we propose a self-care method that produces better results than conventional care such as stretching, massage, and myofascial release.

This book is one of the activities to deliver correct body care knowledge to as many climbers as possible for the healthy development of sport climbing towards the Tokyo Olympics.

* This book is not sold at general bookstores.

◾ Number of pages All pages full color 126 pages

◾ Author Takashi Yamada (Director of Bouldering Manipulative Clinic)

◾ Price ¥ 1,500- (*Free shipping nationwide)

◾ Contents of this book ~ From Table of Contents ◾

  1. Why so many failures

  2. Know and prevent failure prevention

  3. The Story of Nutrition and Climbing

  4. Causes of climbing injuries

  5. Patterns of climbing injuries

  6. A prescription for people who have persistent finger pain

  7. Rest's way of thinking

  8. Successful rehabilitation method

  9. self care story

  10. Good use of medical institutions

◾Appendix Bouldering gymnastics

◾From the Preface

“…I run a climbing clinic called “Bouldering Manipulative Clinic” in Tokyo. At present, there are no other chiropractic clinics that specialize in climbing injuries, and climbers come from all over the country. We also take care of professional climbers, and sometimes climbers living overseas come to visit us when they return to Japan. Some have not had the results they expected at other medical facilities.

Mere diagnosis and generalizations alone are not sufficient for improving failures and recovering quickly. It is necessary to understand the cause of pain, the mechanism of injury, and the sport of climbing itself.

This book summarizes the characteristics of climbing disorders and the perspectives necessary for self-care. I tried not to be too technical, and tried to write "basic ideas of self-care" that you can practice from today. ◯◯ syndrome, ◯◯ injury, ◯◯ flexor tendons and ◯◯ bones, etc. Because there is no

Once you understand the basics, you can apply it yourself. We hope that you will use the contents of this book to face your own body and use it for daily maintenance and further improvement. …”

Free shipping nationwide

One book is 1500 yen.

currently out of stock

To all climbing gyms and retailers

If you would like to handle this book, please feel free to contact us. We have a special order form for you. Please contact us using the form below.

(*If there is no reply within 2 business days, it is possible that the email did not arrive. Please call us. TEL: 080-3622-4046)

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